The Coffee Club 

I spend a lot of time in Abu Dhabi mostly in and around the International Airport. It has given me opportunity to explore restaurants around the area specially for lunch. Even though time is limited with a busy schedule, some days I get lucky to have a long lunch break. Today is one of those days and I decided to come back to The Coffee Club situated on the second level at Yas Mall Yas Mall is the newst addition to number of shopping malls in this part of the world. Since it is new it’s hard to say something special about it except that it is interconnected to Ferrari world and somehow gives the impression of a destination itself. If you have not been to UAE or new to the country or you are simply ignorant  then you will not know that everything is spacious in Abu Dhabi. That’s perhaps what’s special about this mall.

The stylish entrance

I arrived at the coffee club just in time for a quick lunch and maybe a cup of coffee.  I usually like to find a quite place just in case I have to make business calls. I found my corner and settled down and a very nice waitress turned up. Her name was Alexa. Now Alexa was a rare breed among usually average service personnel that we meet here.  She was polite and helpful and was very educated on the menu. I selected Chicken in cashew nuts with boiled rice, simply because living with a Scandinavian means rice is not part of our day to day meals. If you know about us Asians we are born to eat rice if possible all three meals. I also ordered water. Now here’s the thing about ordering water in a restaurant – it’s damn complicated. Few years back if you visited a typical restaurant you had to answer just one water related question “sparkling or still”. You move down here there is an additional question “cold or room temperature”. It got more scary since imported water appeared in UAE restaurants. Have you seen Voss – this is pure spring water  imported from Norway. We’ll I’m troubled when I have to pay for Norwegian water which has resulted me specifically telling waiting staff to bring me local water. I also refuse to go to restaurants that only sell Voss. That’s why I was happy to receive this nice bottle of local water with a slice of lemon. 

A good way to serve local water

Alexa continued to impress me with her brains. She said that the restaurant is originally from Sydney and they roast there own coffee which is exported to UAE. In UAE they have a bigger branch in Dubai situated on Al Wasel road. I made a quick mental note to have breakfast on a weekend. 

It didn’t take long for my main course to arrive. It looked vibrant with beautiful colors of the peppers.

Chicken with cashew nuts

I should probably let the pictures do all the talking. It was as good as it looked. Delicious and well presented. I am very particular about how chicken should look and how it should taste. If the meat is not white in color and tender I feel it’s not cooked well or the quality of the meat is not good. When I say this was perfect you can trust me. It will suit all taste buds but I am sure it will be more appreciated by those with a bit of spicy palate.

I look forward to exploring more of this restaurant as I enjoyed my short time here. The interior was well done keeping the space clean and modern. I do regret not having enough time to enjoy their special blended coffee but that’s another reason to come back

The Coffee Club is Australia’s largest coffee chain with more than 340 stores across the country. On 3rd March 2015 it opened it’s doors in Dubai 


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